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Welcome to the new developer [personal profile] indigojo! With this update (v. 0.3.4) he had resurrected the dormant project by adding several enhancements to the user interface:

* returns to empty icon when user selects an icon, then none
* text formatting actions work on selected text
* new image entry dialog
* no longer forces Plastique & Helvetica

Thank you, Matt! :D

Also, QTXPost Google page now contains the source code repository (Mercurial).

New member

Jan. 2nd, 2011 04:56 pm
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Hi everyone,

My name's Matt Smith and I'm the developer of the QTM journal editor. I've been developing it since 2004, initially targeting Blosxom on Qt 3, then moving to Qt 4 and Movable Type, then Wordpress. I've got self-hosted Wordpress and Drupal sites, and have recently set up a DW blog.

I'm posting to offer my services. My client has a Quickpost feature (so you can copy/paste a web URL and build a post around it) and perhaps you might like that ported to Qtxpost.
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Uploaded version 0.3.3. The main update: at last, all widgets are properly resized! :) I didn't know how to do it with Qt Designer, now I took some time and found out (it was trivial, but not intuitive ;)

There are also some bug fixes, and changing LJ-specific tags "lj user", "lj comm" and "lj-cut" to their DW counterparts which are more convenient ("user", "comm" and "cut"). LJ tags are also accepted, and the program converts DW tags to LJ tags automatically before posting. (only these ones, I didn't add polls etc yet.)
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I had just created quite a long post in Qtxpost. Had not uploaded it yet. Then I suddenly was curious about the Friends manager in the Edit menu, so I looked around in that and clicked "Close".

That it did. It closed all of Qtxpost. My blogpost was gone. That is not a problem, but perhaps it is good not to have a superclose in a window. *grin*

(edit: I use the latest qtxpost, 0.3.2.)
Posted through qtxpost.

new version

May. 1st, 2010 11:38 am
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Uploaded version 0.3.2 which features much improved friend manager (still LJ-only, for the lack of response from DW about the protocol patch) and an icon keywords sorting fix.

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I just sent out a very simple post to DW and LJ through QTXpost.

On DW the post appeared once, as is the plan (

On LJ it appeared twice ( ,

I only saw 1 post confirmation for LJ. When I edit the latest post through QTXpost, I get this:

LiveJournal: connecting...
Dreamwidth: connecting...

So officially the post returned the first one, but behind the curtain something went wrong and a double post appeared. I will leave the second post ( online for a while if you care to check. If you don't need that, let me know and I will remove it, as this looks so dumb.

Is there a way to dump some kind of logging so you can have a closer look at what happens?
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Uploaded a new version: 0.3.1. It features one small change: an optional Ctrl-Q shortcut to quit the application; and one big change: friend manager which allows to manage friends and custom friend groups. The friend manager doesn't work with Dreamwidth yet, and requires more protocol patches, this is what I'm going to do next; but meanwhile, you can try it out with non-DW accounts (LJ, InsaneJournal and others).
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I know I am asking a lot, but would it be possible to add a Ctrl-Q to qtxpost so it is quick to shut down? Alt-F Q works, but that is 1.5 times as many keys.
And alt-f4 reminds me of the monster of Redmond...
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On DW and LJ the icon names are sorted case-independent, qtx shows them case-sensitive. To keep things equal, could you ask LJ and DW to change their sorting?

I mean, asking you to change things would be weird as you do it correctly. Although that might be an option to keep things in sync (and less confusing for old brains).

A question

Mar. 25th, 2010 11:21 am
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When you want to do 2 posts in a row, what is the magic in qtxpost to start a clean one?

Just erase everything and write the next post? Or requires it a stop/start of the program?
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New version (QTXpost 0.3.0) is up. It adds a code toolbar for entering some HTML codes, a few minor fixes, and most importantly, a new DW-specific XML-RPC protocol function "gettrustgroups". It doesn't work yet on DW server, but when/if the patch gets live, it will be possible to use custom friend filters for posting, just like with the older LJ-clones. To be able to use this function (for the servers where it exists) change the type of the server in "servers/accounts configuration" to "DW-based".

[edit] The version with "gettrustgroups" is 0.3.1 now, as the keyword has been changed.
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What would you like to see next in QTXPost?

Right now it already has all the options I've personally ever wanted in an LJ-client, except for archiving/offline search. I wonder if I should start with:

* archiving/offline search

* LJ/DW-specific functions such as friends management and admin console (wonder if anybody ever uses these from a client)

* eye candy/bloat (e.g. interactive help, skins, desktop icons, rich text editor, translating the GUI into different languages)

* connecting other blogging platforms, such as Blogger and WordPress

* something else I didn't think of

Oh and here's the list of changes in the latest version, if you're wondering why you should download it.

Changelog )
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I have 0.2.5. installed now (yes, I can even compile stuff on the overhauled box!) and it runs.
I'll keep an eye on what happens, and keep notes.


Mar. 16th, 2010 12:04 pm
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Welcome to QTXpost community!

The current version of the application is 0.2.5. You can download it at


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